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Is there a more uselessĀ  80 to 90-point player in the National Hockey League than Jason Spezza? Sure, the Ottawa Senators young centre delivers consistent scoring year after year. He’s a good playmaker and a player many other NHL clubs would love to have on their roster. Or would they? For all his production, Spezza […]

Colour me skeptical. General Motors has announced plans to build a new line of fuel-efficient six-cylinder transmissions at its facility in St. Catherines. Hot on the heels of April’s similar declaration that GM would be building new V8 engines at the plant, this would appear to be great news. The CAW says the moves will […]

Props to a great guitarist who has been content to spend his career in the shadows of his boss. Mike Campbell, of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, hooked up with Daryl Sterdan of the Toronto Sun this week to discuss the group’s new album, Mojo. Over the course of reading their candid conversation, which covered […]

It has only been nine days since the Montreal Canadiens were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs following a highly improbable cinderella run to the Eastern Conference Final. But the good vibes that permeated the air in Montreal during the Habs’ run are quickly turning to feelings of despair, or at least concern. Last week, […]

Kudos to Mark Schatzker, of the Globe and Mail, on one of the funnier bits of political satire I’ve read in a while. In the June 4 edition, Schatzker wrote a column of mock phone conversations featuring some of the sideline dwellers in the current race for the City of Toronto mayoralty. Funny stuff. Lampooning […]

Three cheers for Jim Joyce, Armando Galarraga and the baseball fans who’ve supported the pair through a very difficult past few days. Galarraga, you may recall, was one out from pitching a perfect game on June 2, only to have Joyce rule Cleveland Indians’ Jason Donald safe at first base on what would have been […]

Just call him Mr. Personality, Captain Charisma, The Most Interesting Man in Canada. Okay, maybe I’m stretching a bit here, but Lawrence Martin is right, Stephen Harper does get an undeserved rap for dullness. Martin says, in today’s Globe and Mail, that the PM is often unfairly accused of being a bore, when evidence suggests […]