If you build it, they will come… in droves


Is technology robbing us of our souls? Or, at the very least, is it feeding the worst human inclinations toward greed and shallow self-absorption?

The news that Apple’s iPad has been selling out across Canada since its introduction last week is hardly shocking considering the modern Western mentality toward consumption and love of all things new and shiny.

But what will the latest gizmo from Steve Jobs and company really do to improve lives? Anything tangible?

While Apple, as reported by David Wylie of Canwest on May 30, has survived a decade in which it almost went belly-up in the 1990s to become the biggest technology company in the world, one must ask if it is doing anything that really enhances the quality of our daily lives.

Or is it simply getting rich on our basest human tendency to gobble up whatever new technological innovation comes down the pike this week?

Debei Andrus, a marketing professor at the University of Calgary’s school of business notes that Apple’s innovations in the field of portable technology have allowed it to build a remarkably dedicated consumer base.

Okay, so Apple has loyal customers. Isn’t this just a case of “brand shopping” at its highest level?

Colour me thoroughly unimpressed with the launch of the iPad. I have a laptop, a cell phone and a good stereo in my car. What would I need with an iPad?

Truth is, I don’t need one. And neither does anybody else. In fact, the people who buy gizmos like this generally already have earlier generation versions of the same thing.


Call me behind the times, but I feel there is a limit to how far technology needs to go in the name of building new, shiny objects that do nothing to solve the real problems in the world.


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