Murray should send Spezza packing


Is there a more useless  80 to 90-point player in the National Hockey League than Jason Spezza?

Sure, the Ottawa Senators young centre delivers consistent scoring year after year. He’s a good playmaker and a player many other NHL clubs would love to have on their roster.

Or would they?

For all his production, Spezza has some serious flaws as a player: he’s lazy, he doesn’t backcheck, he makes terrible neutral zone passes, and, worst of all, he appears to have been bitten by the “me-first” bug.

The Ottawa Citizen points all these things out in today’s editorial, rightfully accusing Spezza of taking his position in the community and with the team, as well as his high salary, for granted. Another case of a spoiled young athlete? Yes, but there’s more wrong than just Spezza’s attitude.

But back to his play again, the guy just isn’t worth the headaches. He reminds me of a Jason Allison or Craig Janney type — good production, but not a winner. He’s not the type of player you build a team around.

Now, as the Citizen notes, Spezza has indicated he’s tired of the scrutiny and might like a change of scenery. If I’m Bryan Murray, I take him up on this in a heartbeat. The Senators already got rid of one selfish forward in Dany Heatley. It may be time to dump his old linemate too.

Last summer’s Heatley drama may just be replayed in the Capital Region involving a new participant.


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