T.O. mayoral candidates an underwhelming lot


Kudos to Mark Schatzker, of the Globe and Mail, on one of the funnier bits of political satire I’ve read in a while.

In the June 4 edition, Schatzker wrote a column of mock phone conversations featuring some of the sideline dwellers in the current race for the City of Toronto mayoralty. Funny stuff. Lampooning everyone from current mayor David Miller, to outspoken former councilor Tom Jakobek, Schatzker not only made me laugh, but also underscored the pitiful lack of depth in this race.

You know things are bleak when people like Jakobek, Barbara Hall and John Tory look like better options than any of the declared candidates. The prospect of Rob Ford or George Smitherman as mayor doesn’t exactly set toes a tappin’ in the Big Smoke.

And so it is that behind the scenes, rumours continue that Tory is being begged by some factions to enter the race.

You know things are bleak when a man with a track record as poor as Tory’s is — Seriously, how many elections has the guy lost? — is potentially more sellable than either of the frontrunners.

But, even if Tory were to jump into the fray, what would Torontonian’s be left with: a pair of loud-mouthed brawlers and a guy with a weak-kneed public image.

Not exactly awe-inspiring. I don’t envy voters Toronto voters right now. Not at all.


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