A tale of two provinces


Who says you can’t fight taxation?

According to today’s Globe and Mail, the groups fighting the implementation of the HST in British Columbia say they are only one riding short of the required number to get their petition presented to the provincial legislature.

Sound like a familiar scenario?

Here in Ontario, a similar movement has been afoot for the past several months with an entirely different result. The petition in Ontario has gained limited momentum and is in no danger of having any effect whatsoever. Come July 1, the new 13 per cent cash grab will be a reality, and Ontarians who’ve quietly grumbled about it will begrudgingly accept it.

The question is, why? Why is it that we in this province so easily accept a tax that the people of B.C. are effectively fighting tooth-and-nail?

I blame it on our business-first mentality. Sure, many Ontarians get their backs up over new taxation, but this is still a business-driven province; one where fighting the implementation of colossal tax hikes just doesn’t stand much chance.

Gordon Campbell’s government has announced it will follow the letter of the law in B.C with regard to the petition. One more riding and it will see the light of day in the legislature.

Why have we in Ontario not followed suit? What is happening in B.C. right now is proof that sometimes citizens can make a difference with respect to government decisions.

It’s a shame Ontarians haven’t been able to muster the same wherewithal.


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