Moving series to Philly sends the wrong message to Jays fans


The Toronto Star argued yesterday that moving the Blue Jays three-game set in late-June against the Philadelphia Phillies to Philadelphia makes the City of Toronto look “bush league.”

I’m inclined to strongly agree.

As the Star notes, many other major cities could manage the feat of hosting the G-20 summit with an MLB series taking place next door. The Yankees don’t stop playing when the UN general meetings are taking place, the Star notes.

I think the Blue Jays were treated as nothing more than the lowest common denominator in this situation. This would not have happened back in the glory days of the franchise.

In this era, though, the Jays are nothing more than a minor footnote on the city’s sporting landscape; an afterthought to planners and fans alike.

But a real opportunity is being missed here. The Jays can’t draw flies at the Rogers Centre right now, but the Phillies, and an almost sure start from former Jays ace Roy Halladay, would bring some of the strongest crowds of the season to “the Dome”.

Moving the series was not only unnecessary, but could ultimately be just another in a series of small nails in the coffin of this franchise. Fan interest in the Blue Jays is dying a slow and painful death and moves such as this one only further serve to reinforce the notion that nobody cares about the team anymore.

A huge thumbs down to those involved for making a hasty, lazy and selfish decision.


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