I’m not ready to jump on the “jet” just yet


One step closer to Winnipeg?

Or still a long shot?

It’s hard to say what might happen in the ongoing saga of the Phoenix Coyotes. Nick Kypreos, of Sportsnet, broke news today that talks between the City of Glendale and the Coyote’s potential new owners, Ice Edge Holdings, have broken off.

It’s been reported in various media that Ice Edge has been seeking exclusivity in its negotiations with Glendale, with a Monday deadline that has already elapsed.

Kypreos said  “(The Coyotes) Glendale is over. It’s over.”


But having seen umpteen different scenarios unfold so far in this saga — and considering the manner in which the NHL has managed to keep teams in Nashville, Pittsburgh and Long Island that had been deemed bound for Canada — I’ll withhold excitement over the possible return of the Winnipeg Jets to their proper home for now.

The NHL Board of Governors has proven to be a dim-witted and greedy bunch bent on nothing more than dirty tricks, quick money and shady backroom deals with crooked owners for so long that it isn’t likely to make the right decision on this matter should the Coyotes once again be on the moving block.

Why move them to Winnipeg, where the rink would be full every night when you can keep them in a desolate hockey backwater where they’re sure to lose tens-of-millions per season until infinity?

Seems like an easy decision, right?

Well, this is the NHL we’re talking about here. Since when did making good financial decisions enter into its collective conscience?


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