You can’t spell “Iggy” without “gg”


Kudos to the Winnipeg Free Press for calling out Michael Ignatieff on his bizarre, unsolicited attempt to score political points by advising Stephen Harper to extend Michaelle Jean’s term as Governor-General when her current one ends in September.

The Free Press argues Ignatieff has risked politicizing the position with his request. Harper has offered to let Iggy in on the consultation process, which could, the Free Press says, lead to the nomination of separate Liberal and Tory candidates for what is supposed to be an apolitical position.

I can’t help but think that Ignatieff’s meddling here is motivated by a desperate desire to score political points, and make an ally of Jean were she to remain.The federal Liberal leader is getting pounded in the polls and floundering all over the place. You have to wonder if this latest strange move isn’t indicative of a leader who will grasp at any possible straw to make a positive wave with Canadian voters and his own battered party — who are quickly running out of patience with him.

At any rate, the notion of allowing consultation on the GG selection is a dangerous one. The position has always been intended as a sort of buffer meant to protect Canadians from abuses of Parliament.

Politicizing the process would only serve to undermine the integrity and importance of the job.


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