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Okay, it’s early and, yes, they got off to a hot start last year too. But colour me surprised by the way the Toronto Blue Jays are playing right now. Two months and 30 wins into the young MLB season, the youthful Jays have very quietly compiled their best start since the last World Series […]

Justin Trudeau might very well be the next Chosen One within the Liberal Party of Canada. His surname alone makes longtime Liberals swoon at the prospect of ending a particularly embarrassing stretch of uninspiring and downright dismal leadership from the likes of Paul Martin, Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff. Yes, Justin Trudeau has the name […]

Who says you can’t fight taxation? According to today’s Globe and Mail, the groups fighting the implementation of the HST in British Columbia say they are only one riding short of the required number to get their petition presented to the provincial legislature. Sound like a familiar scenario? Here in Ontario, a similar movement has […]

Rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well in the Quinte area. Or is it? As much as it heartens me to see the quality of the big, mainstream rock shows coming to Belleville this summer, it alarms me that nobody seems to be carrying the flag to promote local artists. It’s great that 3 Doors […]

Question: What costs an estimated $930 million, requires 10,000 police officers of various stripes and necessitates the construction of hundreds-of-metres of three-metre high security fence? Answer: The upcoming G20 summit, being held in Toronto and Huntsville next month. Given the mind-boggling financial and manpower figures being thrown around in regard to the four-day conference, it’s […]

I held out as long as I could. I waited through 19 games of mixed emotions; excitement here, dismay there, utter amazement elsewhere and ultimately, a disappointing finish. The Montreal Canadiens’cinderella run came to an end Monday night. For three rounds, I watched them continue to defy the odds. But the ride has come to […]

Good grief, modern popular music is lame. I could go on ad nauseum about the various signs that rock n roll in particular is all-but-dead, but I’d like to focus on one enormous signal that has arisen in Britain. The Rolling Stones recently released a re-issue of its much-beloved 1972 masterpiece, Exile on Main Street. […]