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Apparently the HST isn’t such a bad thing. This according to today’s Toronto Star editorial. The Star says opposition leaders, like the NDP’s Andrea Horwath, are wasting their time venting about the colossal tax grab and should focus instead on “other targets.” Really? The opposition should ignore the largest single tax increase in the history […]

Ding dong, the Caps are dead. And what a shocking demise it was for the NHL’s 2009-2010 President’s Trophy winner. Yes, the Montreal Canadiens have pulled off the impossible. Pegged as underdogs by anybody with the slightest modicum of hockey acumen, the Habs knocked the Washington Capitals off on their own home ice last night […]

The Boston Bruins have received some long-awaited good news on the injury front. Following a two-month absence with post-concussion syndrome after a Matt Cooke hit, centre Marc Savard, the Beantown Bears’ best offensive weapon has been cleared to return to game action. As reported by, Savard, out since March 7, was cleared by an […]

I don’t know what scares me more: the fact the Toronto Star agrees with Jim Flaherty on an issue, or the fact that I agree with the Star agreeing with Flaherty. Confused? Me too. In today’s editorial, the Star argues that Flaherty has some good reasons for refusing to get on board with the G20’s […]

Jacques Lemaire has stepped down as head coach of the New Jersey Devils, and, at 64-years-old, it’s unlikely he’ll coach in the National Hockey League again. This is the best thing to happen to the NHL since the post-lockout rule changes that largely negated the skill-killing trap style of hockey Lemaire patented in his coaching […]

Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper. Two men-children who never grew up. They live in a sort of twisted, horror, B-movie version of Peter Pan. And this summer, the shock-rock duo will be careening through Canada on their Gruesome Twosome tour. Cooper says he respects Zombie — a clear protegé if ever there was one — […]

It’s Earth Day today, don’cha know. But not only does it seem like awareness of this event is actually waning, there also appears to be mounting evidence that the environmental movement has hit a wall on several fronts. Today’s Toronto Star editorial points out that changes like curbing water use, reducing consumption and limiting greenhouse […]